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The programme is designed to develop health education specialists needed to provide effective health promotion education activities. Thus, it gives knowledge and skills necessary to develop professional approaches to evidence based health promotion practice. The course will give an understanding of health concepts and approaches as they relate to contemporary health issues.



Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Relate the basic health sciences sciences and apply this knowledge in health promotion education
  • Perform the role of health education specialist in community, conducting health promotion education programmes effectively by proper application of concepts, principle, objectives and approaches of health promotion.
  • Become effective communicators for advocacy in health promotion education in the community
  • Plan, implement and execute health promotion education programmes in communities by positive and constructive attitudes in the identified health problems.



Minimum requirement: five (5) O’ level credits at not more than two sitting in GCE, NECO, SSCE, WAEC, which must include English Language, Mathematics, Biology/ Health science and any other subject.


The course is structured to last two (2) years (four Semesters). The programme has four (4) components namely: classroom, Practical field experiences, internship, project (research works).

career opportunities


Based on the qualities of our instructors, available facilities and infrastructure, our graduates would definitely stand out given any competitive platform. Area of employment include but are not limited to non- profits, national and international health organization, Government agencies, hospitals, community clinics and academia.